JB King: Chinese Delight Fast Food in the Heart of Pleasanton, CA

At JB King, Chinese delight food meets the convenience of fast casual dining at Pacific Pearl Shopping Center, Pleasanton, CA. Treat yourself to any of our favorite dishes, and experience real, delicious—and really delicious—Chinese food.

A plate of food on a table with chopsticks.
A wooden bowl filled with dumplings next to chopsticks.
A plate of food on a table with chopsticks.

Our story

Our story began with a legend over 2,000 years ago. A Chinese folk hero and his mother were hunted by soldiers of the Qin dynasty. Starving and desperate, the mother and son sought refuge in a pan-fried bun shop in a small village. The brave owner of the shop saved them by offering them warm and fluffy buns, and then assisted them in their escape. Eventually, the folk hero defeated the Qin dynasty and established the greatest emperor in Chinese history: Han dynasty. In gratitude for the shop owner's help, the emperor invited him to the capital to share pan-fried buns with the entire nation.

In Chinese, pan-fried buns are pronounced as "Jian Bao". At JB King, we pay homage to this extraordinary tale by offering authentic, affordable, and conveniently served pan-fried buns alongside other traditional dumplings. Join us at JB King and let us take you on a flavorful journey that celebrates the past while embracing the present. 

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As we say at JB King: If we like it, we know you will, too. But don’t take our word for it. Hear what our diners have to say about our Chinese fast food.

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Tired of the same old drive-thru lines? Order online with JB King, and enjoy authentic Chinese food with all the convenience of fast casual dining.

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